6KW Hybrid Solar Power Home System with 10KWh Battery
  • 6KW Hybrid Solar Power Home System with 10KWh Battery
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6KW Hybrid Solar Power Home System with 10KWh Battery

6KW Hybrid Solar Power Home System with 10KWh Battery

SankoPower Solar System is an 26 years ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 manufacturer and off grid solar power home system supplier in China. We are goverment authorized factory and supplier for off grid solar home system and hybrid solar home system.

6KW Hybrid Solar Power Home System Introduction

6KW Solar Power Home System can generate about 17-22KWh power per day, and solar battery storage is around 10Kwh. This residential solar home system are mostly suitable for high energy users (4-5 people or more). The 6KW Solar Storage System has wifi built-in, with parallel function, customers can adjust battery numbers freely. This hybrid solar system can feed the grid, can sell extra power to the grid.

6KW Solar Power Home System Specification


Real hybrid solar power home system, can feed the grid and sell power to Utility.Daily power generation will be about 17-22KWH, battery storage 10KWh, which can not only meet most of the electricity consumption, but also feed the grid.(sell power to Utility)


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Core Advantages

  • CustomizationIt is customized by a professional team according to the actual electricity consumption, and meets more than 90% of the electricity demand.
  • Conversion EfficiencyThe solar panels use cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%.
  • ReliableReliable lithium battery solution, stylish design, long service life, small size, more suitable for home solar power supply system.
  • Power SupplyWith parallel function, customer can increase numbers of inverters, batteries and solar panels to fulfil a even big system

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