Date: 2023-01-05

SankoPower 6kw hybrid MPPT solar inverter

SankoPower 6kw hybrid MPPT solar inverter

This mppt solar inverter adopts high quality abs material, which is durable and has long life.

The product adopts pure copper core, mppt solar inverter has strong adaptability and can be used with confidence. The product has a charging function of inverter, when the load is overcharged, it will automatically reduce the damage of the battery. In the meantime, this inverter has the advantages of fast charging, automatic power cut off and the functions are smooth. The inverter adopts a fully electronic control. High efficiency inverter, with good low energy consumption, high conversion rate and long service life. With 120A mppt solar power charging, it can provide power for your equipment, and improve the system performance. Mppt solar inverter is with high efficiency, stable performance and strong power. In the meantime, this inverter with great strength, long service life, durable and reliable. At the same time, the inverter adopts a new generation of revolutionary intelligent chip.

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