450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel
  • 450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel
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  • 450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel
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450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel

450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel -- SankoPower

Half-cut Cell 9BB Mono Solar Panel 420W-450W Series Products: 9BB Half Cut Solar Panels 420W 430W 440W 450W Solar Modules 144cells Monocrystalline Perc Cells PV Modules, for residential solar system and commercial solar plant both.

450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Introduction

Sankopower is a solar panel PV module factory and solar panel supplier in China. 430W 435W 440W 445W 450W 455W 460W half cell mono solar panel series use 144pcs 9BB mono half cut solar cells with size 166x166mm. This type of half cut cell solar panels use advanced half cell technology which can improve the power of solar panels to around 5-10w, with the improve in output efficiency, the installation area decreased by 3%, and the installation cost decreased by 6%, half cell technology minimizes the risks of the cells’ crack and the damage of bus bars, therefore increases the stability and reliability of solar array. 9BB 166mm cell monocrystalline half cell 450W solar panels offer high efficiency, better performance for off-gird & on-grid solar power system for residential or commercial usage.

450w Solar panels Features

Product Name Half-Cell Solar Cell Type Wattage Silicon Type
Model No. Explanation PVSK-450 144 PCS 166*166mm 460W M: Monocrystalline

450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Series Technical Data

Solar Photovoltaic Modules, Solar PV Modules, Solar Modules, Monocrystalline high efficient sillicon cells Solar Panels; 430W 435W 440W 445W 450W 455W 460W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel.

450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Mechanical Parameters
Cell Orientation 144 (6X24)
Junction Box IP68, three diodes
Output Cable 4mm2, positive 400 / negative 200mm length can be customized
Glass Single glass, 3.2mm coated tempered glass
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy frame
Weight 23.3kg
Dimension 2094 x 1038 x 35mm
Packaging 30pcs per pallet/ 150pcs per 20' GP/660pcs per40' HC
450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Electrical Characteristics
STC: AM1.5 1000W/m2 25°C    Test uncertainty for Pmax: ±3%
Power Class 430 435 440 445 450 455 460
Maximum Power (Pmax/W) 430 435 440 450 450 455 460
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) 48.5 48.7 48.9 49.1 49.3 49.5 49.7
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A) 11.31 11.39 11.46 11.53 11.6 11.66 11.73
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V) 40.7 40.9 41.1 41.3 41.5 41.7 41.9
Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A) 10.57 10.64 10.71 10.78 10.85 10.92 10.98
Module Efficiency)%) 19.8 20.0 20.2 20.5 20.7 20.9 21.2
450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Operating Parameters
Operational Temperature -40°C 〜+85°C
Power Output Tolerance 0 〜+5W
Voc and Isc Tolerance ±3%
Maximum System Voltage DC1500V(IEC/UL)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20A
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 45±2°C
Protection Class Class II
Fire Rating UL type 1 or2
450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Mechanical Loading
Front Side Maximum Static Loading 5400Pa
Rear Side Maximum Static Loading 2400Pa
Hailstone Test 25mm Hailstone at the speed of 23m/s
450W Half Cell Mono Solar Panel Temperature Ratings (STC)
Temperature Coefficient of Isc +0.048%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.270%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.350%/°C

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