Date: 2022-10-25

SankPower believes in a zero-carbon future

SankPower believes in a zero-carbon future.

By being an advocate for sustainable, affordable and greener energy solutions, we provide a trusted one-stop shop resource to consumers, industry specialists, manufacturers and environmentalists. SankoPower is an award-winning company dedicated to all things energy, with a passion for sustainability & clean energy. 

We have the buying power, expertise and distributor network to ensure you get the very best in solar energy systems and services around you - and at very competitive prices. If you're an installer, we can supply you with highly qualified consumer leads, as well as assist you through our wholesale market place, supplying solar panels, home energy storage solutions, inverters and more - the best brands and very competitive prices. 

Our team are all truly passionate about energy and have the experience to provide you with the right advice on how to take more control over your electricity bills, as well as assist you with accessing the most competitive rates in your local area. Were also always current with the latest information on government renewable energy rebates, subsidies, retail energy rates and other financial incentives and energy efficiency helping to save you even more money!

SankoPower Solar System Co LTD Established in 1996 and as a founding member of the Clean Energy Councils Approved Retailer program, SankoPower prides itself on its long history and trusted name, one that consumers, installers & manufacturers know they can trust. We aim to educate our readers on the latest & greatest in renewable energy technology and identifying ways of helping people's save money as well as play their part in helping people become 100% renewable.

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