Date: 2022-07-15

New Energy What is it and Where is it going

There are two main energy sources today, renewable and non-renewable. A common source of energy used to generate energy for industrial and residential consumption is non-renewable energy. They include coal, oil and natural gas. Renewable energy sources include carbon-neutral energy sources such as rain, waves, tides, geothermal heat, wind and sunlight.

In this article, we will discuss new energy sources and their future.

What is new energy?

New or renewable energy is energy obtained from renewable sources that is replenished over time. Energy obtained from these renewable sources can be used in many key areas such as water and air heating/cooling, power generation, off-grid (rural) energy services and transport.

In the near future, the new energy industry will usher in rapid growth due to the high demand for renewable energy as a means to curb global warming. The use of wind, hydro and solar energy will increase, according to a report by the International Energy Agency.

The use of wind and geothermal energy will also increase. Solar power is expected to become cheaper, while consumption of hydropower is expected to rise.

The importance of new energy

Many benefits come with the use of renewable energy. They include the benefits of solar, wind, biomass, hydropower and geothermal energy.

reduce global warming

Global warming emissions such as carbon dioxide are continuously released into the atmosphere every day due to human activities. These harmful emissions act like a blanket and therefore absorb heat. Global warming can lead to dangerous impacts such as rising sea levels, extinction in severe cases, droughts, and stronger and more frequent storms.

Most harmful emissions come from non-renewable resources such as natural gas and fossil fuels such as coal. However, renewable energy produces little or no amount of all these harmful emissions. Even taking into account the life cycle emissions of these renewable energy sources, it contributes little or no global warming.

Therefore, an increase in the use of clean energy will lead to a decrease in the use of non-renewable energy. It will have a huge impact on reducing the amount of harmful emissions in the atmosphere, thereby significantly reducing global warming.

Improve public health

Energy obtained from non-renewable resources is linked to water and air pollution. Pollution has been linked to health conditions such as nerve damage, cancer, premature death, heart attack and breathing problems.

However, since energy from renewable sources has little or no associated pollution, the likelihood of these health conditions is greatly reduced; as a result, public health will be significantly improved.

Create job opportunies

Many people are employed in the renewable energy industry, and increased renewable energy production creates demand for workers, creating jobs for the public in the process.

prevent power shortage

Renewable energy is an important complement to traditional energy sources, ensuring that a country does not run out of electricity for commercial and residential consumption.

SankoPower solar system new energy products

SankoPower Solar System is a manufacturer of new energy products. Our product categories include photovoltaic modules (PV modules), photovoltaic inverters (PV Inverters), and lithium battery series.

1. Photovoltaic modules

As an emerging power source, photovoltaics have become more affordable and a more reliable source of power than utilities. It promises a clean and bright future for future generations.

A PV module consists of many photovoltaic cells connected in series to produce higher voltages and in parallel to increase the current produced. In high power production, the industry standard is a 36-cell battery pack.

The front of the module is encapsulated with transparent material or tempered glass, and the back is made of waterproof protective material. The aluminum frame brings everything together in a single installable unit with weather-sealed edges around the edges. The back of the module has wires or junction boxes that provide electrical connections.

2. Photovoltaic inverter

Photovoltaic inverters are the backbone of all photovoltaic power plants. It monitors and controls the entire plant and converts the DC power of the PV modules into grid-compliant AC power, which is fed into the public grid.

Photovoltaic inverters have many tasks, such as:

Optimizing power to ensure that PV modules can generate maximum power under all conditions;

Low-loss conversion ensures high efficiency and high conversion percentage.

Monitor the resulting energy and signal problems, if any.

It provides a communication interface that allows the user to effectively control and monitor all operational data, parameters and yield.

It manages the temperature in the system to ensure maximum conversion.

3. Lithium battery products

SankoPower Group LIFEPO4 lithium battery uses BYD and Ningde era batteries on the side. Reliable quality and guaranteed service life. LIFEPO4 batteries are the safest batteries in the world, Lithium batteries can replace any GEL/lead acid or AGM solar cells without problems.

The future of new energy

Every society must prepare for their future, especially their renewable energy future. Future renewable energy stakeholders will strive to:

Make sure they buy enough renewable energy for their consumption to use 100% renewable energy throughout

Social justice will be an important consideration when purchasing renewable energy in the future.

Many companies will reduce scope emissions due to supply chain initiatives.

Innovation will increase significantly as companies will be forced to improve the renewable energy industry.

There is no denying that renewable energy is a reliable and stable source of energy that is generally beneficial to the climate and the environment. It is an important part of the energy system and we must strengthen and promote the use of renewable energy for a better future for generations to come. The renewable energy market will also experience high growth in the coming years.

SankoPower Solar System is committed to producing high-quality photovoltaic products. Buy our products today and create a better tomorrow for the future.

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