Date: 2022-03-21

How to select a MPPT solar inverter for your home system

Basic Introduction of Solar Inverters:
SankoPower is a China government authorized off grid solar home system factory and supplier. SankoPower designs, manufactures, exports off grid solar inverters to more than 60 countries all around the world. And SankoPower provides OEM service and ODM service for off grid MPPT solar inverters and hybrid solar inverters.

SankoPower is a residential solar inverter supplier and factory in China. All our solar inverters are multi-function power generators and have MPPT solar charger built-in. All these advanced solar inverters can work with or without solar batteries. SankoPower off grid solar inverters are high end pure sine wave solar inverters, and with optional function of remote control.

To import solar inverters from China supplier, please contact SankoPower sales for wide selection of 3.5KW, 5.5KW, 6KW, off grid and hybrid solar inverter.

How to select a suitable solar inverter?
A solar inverter is the most important solar components of your solar home power system. So first of all you need to choose the right solar inverter, then you can make a right solar system.

A. What is voltage output? Do you need parallel function?
SankoPower off grid MPPT solar inverters support 220VAC country and 110VAC 120VAC market like USA, Japanese, Costa Rica. SolarPro, SolarPax, SolarPolo support 220AVC 240VAC market, while SolarSee supports to 110VAC 120VAC market.

Generally speaking, these are single phase solar inverter. However, Our SolarPax solar inverters have parallel function, can connect max 9pcs inverters, which even can form a 3 phase solar system or even bigger solar power home system like 10KW home solar system,15KW solar system, 20KW solar system for these high power consumption family.

B. What is the total power consumption of your family? Do you use some inductive motors like refrigerator or washing machine?
If you use inductive motors, then please consider 3 times of power remains for these inductive loads.

C. Do you want to add a solar batteries in your system?
All SankoPower solar inverter support to work with batteries or without solar batteries. Some other brands solar inverter have limits.

D. Do you need off grid solar system or hybrid solar solar system?
All SankoPower off grid solar inverters can connect with the utility (the mains). During raining day or evening time, when the solar energy is insufficient, it can switch to the utility power (the mains) without delay to ensure continuous power supply.

SankoPower Hybrid solar inverter is an innovative multifunctional power generator. SankoPower REAL hybrid solar inverter SolarPolo series can not only support self-consumption, but also can feed the grid and sell the power to utility. SankoPower REAL Hybrid solar inverter are high end residential solar inverter which suits for high end market. This series are available with 5KW hybrid solar inverter and 6KW hybrid solar inverter, both are REAL on grid and off grid solar inverter, and all with parallel functions and remote control function.

E. Do you need solar inverters with parallel function?
Some high power consumption family will install more than 1 set of solar system to make sure the sufficient power generation.
Our SolarPax, SolarPolo, SolarSee series have parallel function. For details please read our catalogue. While SolarPro do not have parallel function.

F. Pure sine wave solar inverter are necessary for you!
Some old solar inverters are not pure sine wave inverter. All SankoPower solar inverter are pure sine wave solar inverters. With this function, the home power system can support pure sine wave appliance like computer, laptop.

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