Date: 2022-09-05

How Solar Works

How solar panels work?

During the day, solar panels turn sun rays into energy.

The solar energy travels through your inverter to make the energy usable for your home.

Your solar energy powers your home and business.

Excess solar energy will charge your battery or be sent to your utility for net metering, if eligible. Your battery will be charged before any solar energy goes to your utility.

Your nightime power will depend on your battery configuration. You will likely be using a combination of battery energy and grid electricity.


Sun is the main source of solar power. The solar panels also known as “photovoltaic” panel are used to convert the energy dissipated by the sun which contains small particles called “photons” into electrical energy.



The meter keeps the check and balance of your usage of electricity as well as the production of it by your solar system.



The purpose of an SankoPower inverter is to invert the DC power obtained from Solar energy into useable AC. The alternating current (AC) is suitable for all the household appliances.



The excess electricity produced by your solar system isn’t wasted but it is fed into the grid.



The electricity produced through solar power is used for your personal purpose. After your personal use the remaining electricity isn’t wasted but fed back to the grid.



SankoPower Hybrid solar system provides you with backup power supply in case of power shutdown. It uses special hybrid batteries and inverter for storage of electricity.

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